Praesto Partners was formed by Charlie Francis-Smith in 2007 as a management, interim and non executive business consultancy.


Please be under no illusion. We are not a large company. Praesto Partners is owned and operated by Charlie Francis-Smith who bases himself with clients in London for 2 to 3 days a week and then works from his home in Suffolk for the other 2 days.


The nature of our interim and project based work means Charlie Francis-Smithwe have to move at pace and recruit specialist consultants, advisers, financiers, barristers, forensic accountants at a moments notice. Charlie has built a network of around 25 specialists that work with him as part of a team and are renowned in their field. They are also independents and it would not make sense for them, nor would they accept, full time roles at Praesto. This is what has underpinned the success of the consultancy for the last 12 years. 


In brief, Charlie has over 20 years experience in managing companies from start ups to IPO’s. He has acquired, merged and sold companies personally and also for clients. He is a recognised Cabinet Cross Government Consultant, a member of the Institute of Interim Management, Fellow of Institute of Consulting and a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Management. You can find more information about Charlie and his team at